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Music as a Way to Promote Speech Therapy

Born in Lexington, Kentucky, Connie Pival always dresses to the nines with her fancy outfits and matching hats. Connie moved to Edwardsville, IL with her husband and was a teacher at Edwardsville Elementary where she loved working with children and inspiring their young lives. Connie also plays piano. Her husband was a musician and a professor of music in Edwardsville, so you could say music has always been a big part of Connie’s life. Connie moved to Cedarhurst of Edwardsville with the passing of her husband. She required a lot more help from loving caregivers after she had a stroke in 2017. After her stroke, Connie’s expressive language abilities became quite limited. After the partnership with EmpowerMe Wellness began, Connie began receiving Speech Therapy to help her safely eat and drink, but also to maximize her communication abilities. She has participated in making a personal life history book using pictures of her hometown, family, and career and also enjoys singing along to familiar songs while keeping rhythm and dancing. According to caregivers, Connie is much more verbal and seems more happy since she starting working with therapy. Connie’s love of music and success with music as a way to promote speech/language production has prompted the start of a new program with EmpowerMe Wellness called “Interactive Music Sessions” offered to all residents. Connie continues to participate in bi-weekly wellness program sessions with the Speech Therapist in order to maintain her abilities. She often comes to the therapy department at Cedarhurst of Edwardsville and looks for the Speech Therapist to see if it is time to visit. She often has a bounce in her step and a smile on her face. Her nurse care managers are pleased with the Speech Therapy and Physcial wellness program offered by EmpowerMe Wellness.