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Providing comfort to enhance quality of life.


EmpowerMe Wellness offers comprehensive end-of-life care by partnering with hospice providers to deliver physical, occupational and speech therapy. Receiving therapy during hospice aids in maximizing functional ability, controlling symptoms, providing pain relief and delivering integrated care. Our therapists will help to ensure comfort to enhance quality during this stage of their life. They will play the role of a listener and problem solver while showing compassion and support.

Therapy plays a key role in hospice care.

Impact of Therapy

Integrating therapy into hospice care helps to ensure that comfort is maintained and helps to improve overall quality of life during the end stages. Therapy provides such services as:

  • Pain management/relief
  • Positioning to prevent pressure sores and alleviate pain points
  • Energy conservation techniques
  • Compassion and support
  • Safety instruction when it comes to transfers and gait training
  • Equipment recommendation to make daily tasks easier
  • Home modification if needed